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    Barcode Scanner ms-9520

    Honeywell’s Voyager 9520 hand-held, single-line laser scanners feature patented automatic infrared activation and can decode all standard 1D barcodes, including GS1 DataBar™. Scan Pattern Single scan line.
    ৳ 11,000.00
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    Honeywell MS 1200G Voyager Single Line Laser Scanner

    Honeywell's Voyager® 1200g laser barcode scanner, built on the platform of the world’s best-selling single-line laser scanner, delivers aggressive scan performance on virtually all linear barcodes, including poor quality and damaged codes. Updated object detection, automatic in-stand detection and configuration enable class-leading presentation scanning that maximizes throughput. The 1200g laser scanner provides superior scan performance matched with a reliable design for a versatile linear scanning…
    ৳ 12,000.00
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    Honeywell MS5145 Eclipse Barcode Scanners

    The Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse is a single-line, handheld laser scanner. Equipped with Metrologic's patented CodeGate, the MS5145 Eclipse can be used in a wide variety of applications. CodeGate allows the user to easily target the desired barcode and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button. This combination makes the Metrologic MS5145 Eclipse a perfect selection for menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing…
    ৳ 5,200.00
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    Honeywell Orbit 7120

    20 scan line omnidirectional pattern: Provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications Adjustable scan head: Ability to tilt scanner 30 for targeted scanning or larger products
    ৳ 16,500.00
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    Honeywell Voyager 1250g Single-Line Laser Scanner

    Honeywell’s Voyager® 1250g single-line laser barcode scanner is simple to set up and provides aggressive reading of linear barcodes. The 1250g barcode scanner is capable of reading barcodes up to 23 inches away, reducing reach-related fatigue and improving employee comfort. For users that require hands-free scanning, an easy-to-assemble stand increases throughput by incorporating automatic in-stand detection. Features optimized laser scanning technology to read poorly printed…
    ৳ 8,500.00
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    Honeywell Xenon 1900 Area-Imaging Scanner

    Honeywell's Xenon 1900, the sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, has redefined the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom image sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning, the Xenon 1900 hand-held area image scanner offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology. This area imager has image processing software with advanced editing features as well as…
    ৳ 27,000.00
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